A vision for Hope

A vision for Hope

Life without hope is not a good quality life at all.

Thanks to one man and his vision and passion, many will now be able to look forward to hope in their lives again.

This month, Inner Wheel Club of Bairnsdale hosted Peter Down, accompanied by wife, Margaret, as their guest speaker. Peter gave an update on the Hope Restart Centre and how it is envisioned it will run once it is completed.

Peter’s vision came about when he saw that the many different facilities available to help people with drug problems didn’t seem to be working together. He completed a huge amount of research, visiting different rehab centres, seeing how they functioned and what facilities they provided. The model used by Odyssey House turned his vision into a passion.

In the beginning, many didn’t believe it would ever happen, but now, the Hope Restart Centre is becoming a reality.

The clients who will eventually live there will have already completed a detox program and will be deemed ready to move to the next stage of wanting to improve their lives.

A buddy system will be in place to provide support and encouragement, also involvement in their own wellbeing by helping to prepare meals and look after the facility.

Assistance from Federation Training and Federation University will also endeavor to help have meaningful work in their lives.

Unfortunately, the number of beds available in Victoria is only half of that in New South Wales.

The 60 beds that the Hope Restart Centre will provide is only the start, with future planning already in mind for family units and transitional units to be added.

Once the centre is up and running, Peter hopes to tap into the many talents in the community to provide mentors and life training.

One man and his vision can do amazing things!

Also, in Inner Wheel news this month, the fashion parade is planned for September 2, showcasing the fashions from “Noni B”, where proceeds will be donated to MND Research.

Tickets are available at Noni B store in Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale.

Tickets are also available for the children’s “Eye Spy” quilt that is being raffled, with proceeds from this raffle going to Cord Blood Research.

Contact any Inner Wheel member or through the club’s Facebook page.

IMAGE: Peter Down who was the guest speaker at the Inner Wheel Club of Bairnsdale August meeting, with Inner Wheel president, Ula Sheather, and wife, Margaret Down. Mr Down spoke about the Hope Restart Centre project, which is currently in the building process. (PS)