Best skill set at Gippsland Ports

Best skill set at Gippsland Ports

New board members for the Gippsland Ports Committee of Management have been appointed by the State Government, who will oversee an industry it says creates vital jobs for locals.

Gippsland Ports chief executive officer, Chris Waites, said he is pleased with the appointments.

“We want people with the best skill set for the job and the Minister (for Ports, Melissa Horne) has selected the people with the best skill set,” Mr Waites said.

However, the new board members have taken the ire of Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, who says none of which are from the local area.

Gippsland Ports is responsible for Mallacoota, Marlo, the Gippsland Lakes and Lake Tyers waterways.

Robin Buckham will be the new chair of the board and brings extensive experience in leadership and management of ports, regional development and manufacturing.

Ms Buckham will be joined by new members Chris Badger, Ralph Kenyon and Vivien Williamson and current board member, Joanne Butterworth-Gray.

The new board will provide knowledge and experience in freight, logistics, ports, regional resources and local government.

Board appointments are for a three-year period, with the new board beginning monthly meetings in August 2019.

Minister for Ports and Freight, Melissa Horne, said the new appointees have a simple focus.

“Gippsland Ports’ new leadership, under Chair Robin Buckham, is focused on growing Gippsland’s economy and helping industry create jobs for locals,” she said.

Mr Bull said the appointments were typical of a city-centric Labor Government.

“It really beggars belief that with the marine and professional experience we have within our region, the Minister could not appoint one local person and instead we have a board where not a single member lives anywhere near any one of the ports or waterways they have responsibility for,” he said.

“Whilst I do not know any of the new board, I am sure they have the appropriate skills and I look forward to meeting them, but it is simply not right that we have no one local.

“We have local applicants who are more than suitable and who possess great local knowledge. The Gippsland Ports Board should be predominantly Gippslanders with strong East Gippsland representation.”