Watchful eye over Cup weekend

Watchful eye over Cup weekend

A state-wide police operation will be conducted over the Melbourne Cup long weekend, including in East Gippsland.

Operation Furlong will see police out in force for traffic operations which will run from Friday, November 1, to Tuesday, November 5.

Over the five days all available personnel from local road policing units, general duties and other regional resources will be actively involved in the campaign.

The focus of the operation will be on identified high risk areas with speed, fatigue, impaired driving, distraction offences and seatbelt compliance being targeted.

The aim is to provide a high visible police presence to reinforce positive driving behaviours and reduce road trauma.

In East Gippsland police will also focus on driver behaviour, in particular drink/drug driving.

Drivers are urged to develop their travel plans so as to not create risk for themselves or other road users.

Acting Senior Sergeant, Luke Banwell, says road users should think about who is going to drive to and from functions and events.

He says there is often a temptation to drive after drinking at an event or function but people should think about other transport alternatives before they venture out.

Police want everyone to enjoy their long weekend break safely, without having to endure either road trauma or the stress of being caught by police doing the wrong thing.

PICTURED: Leading Senior Constables Roni Forai and Belinda Kinsey will be on patrol over the long weekend and sparing no tolerance toward drivers doing the wrong thing.