Finalist Lucy needs your help

Finalist Lucy needs your help

Bairnsdale hair stylist, Lucy Dilkes, of Style ʻn File, has been announced as a finalist in the Behind the Chair one shot award for unconventional colour.

The winner will be declared on August 26 in San Antonio, Texas, USA, and Lucy needs your help to get there.

“I am hoping to fly over there to attend the award ceremony, but three weeks isnʼt a lot of time to try and get the money needed. I have a GoFundMe page that people can go and donate to help me if they wish,” Lucy said.
To find Lucyʼs GoFundMe page search Lucy Dilkes on the website and follow the link.

Lucy faced stiff competition to be chosen as one of the 25 finalists in the unconventional colour category from a pool of 20,602 entrants, which included some of the best hair stylists from around the world.

“I entered myself in the competition, which required entrants to hashtag the post they wish to enter, with the lady behind the Behind the Chair page deciding which entry she likes based on style, the photo and a range of different detail,” she said.

“I entered in the unconventional hair colour category, which was also entered by many people worldwide.

“I was a bit surprised that I am a finalist.

“It is really phenomenal considering some of the hair stylists I am going up against have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, while I am just a hair stylist in Bairnsdale.

“Getting chosen as a finalist is a win in itself in my eyes.”

Lucy said she really enjoys her work and while she has entered a few competitions before, being chosen as a finalist was very special.

“I have been a hairdresser for 10 years and I like to use bright, vivid colours,” she said.

“I only started really getting into colouring in the last four years. I just really like to create with hair. It is my form of art.

“I always like having more clients sit at the chair so that I can create some amazing stuff.

“I entered the same competition last year along with a few others. I have entered in more this year.

“These awards are very prestigious. For those who donʼt follow this sort of stuff it is like the Oscars, but of the hair world.”

The tale behind Lucyʼs photo that was chosen as a finalist is also spectacular. “How I ended up using the model in the photo is a funny story actually. It is my friendʼs 15-year-old daughter who is the model in the photo,” she said.
“She couldn’t afford to pay so I said that if she cleaned my car I would colour her hair on the condition that I had the freedom to do what ever I wanted. It paid off.”

PICTURED: Bairnsdale hair stylist Lucy Dilkes, who currently works at Style ʻn File, has been announced as a finalist in the Behind the Chair one shot award for unconventional colour.