Muir sets the pace

Muir sets the pace

Despite the gloomy weather forecast for Saturday, August 11, Maffra And District Car Club, held a very successful round five of the Boisdale Hillclimb Series at the Boisdale Hillclimb Track.

More than 100 competitors lined up at the gravel race track to compete for the fastest time of the twilight and long track event.

Racing commenced at 1pm with rain holding off allowing Matt Muir, Kerran Pridmore and Anthony Kovco battle it out for outright fastest time.

After seven runs – with the final three run under lights – Muir in his buggy was victorious with 59.40 seconds.

Pridmore in his Subaru WRX a mere blink of an eye behind with 59.47 seconds, and club president, Anthony Kovco, following closely in 61.99 seconds to gain third outright.
There was also close competition between junior drivers with many recording some quick times not far behind their senior counterparts.

Lachlan Miller was the fastest Junior overall in his Hyundai with 65.51 seconds, followed by Callum DuVe in his Mitsubishi in a time of 66.19, with many of the juniors not far behind.

In the ladies’ class, Chelsea Hickling was victorious over Hannah Fortune and Lauren Britton, with times of 66.94, 67.81 and 67.86 respectively.
The next Boisdale Hillclimb will be held on Sunday, September 9, with round six being a short track race meeting.


Class A: D. Keen 67.87, S. Henderson 69.69, M. Turnbull 69.96.
Class B: A. Britton 65.59, Spider Anderson 67.94, L. Hughes 68.05.
Class C: S. Marr 67.87, J. Flanagan 68.54, B. Bye 68.78.
Class D: D. Hickling 65.49, L. Fortune 66.05, M. Bermingham 66.11. Class E: L. Harrison 65.75, J. Forsyth 67.95, L. Storer 69.63.
Class F: B. Vandongen 66.71, D. McCann 67.78, H. Einsiedel 70.89. Class H: J. Beare 68.23, L. Jorgensen 69.71, J. Jorgensen 70.47.
Class I: Kerran Pridmore 59.47, Kevin Pridmore 62.56, J. Marshall 63.35.
Class K: M. Muir 59.40, A. Kovco 61.99, M. McCarthy 62.38.
Class L: C. Hickling 66.94, H. Fortune 67.81, L. Britton 67.86.

Class A: F. Cannon 68.67, C. Van Sluys 80.24, A. Russell 83.87.
Class B: L. Allman 68.52, S. Britton 70.68, R. Cannon 71.10.
Class C: B. VanEkeren 69.65, L. McGrane 72.99, T. Troy 82.74.
Class D: L. Miller 65.51, C. Chrisp 68.60, K. Chrisp 70.10.
Class E: C. DuVe 66.19, C. Ireland 74.90.
Class F: C. Small 71.90, D. Small 73.72.

PICTURED: Lachy Jorgensen getting his Falcon sideways during the Boisdale Hillclimb Series twilight event last Saturday, August 11.