“Take this seriously”: Premier

“Take this seriously”: Premier

“If people donʼt take this seriously, if people act selfishly, people will die.”

That is the message from Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, who is urging Victorians to abide by the tough new rules laid down by the Federal and State Government to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

“The National Cabinet took some unprecedented steps, huge steps to keep Victorians and indeed, Australians safe,” Premier Andrews said on Monday as the number of Victorian coronavirus cases passed 350.

“Never before have we seen a situation where venues, such a large part of our economy, have essentially been shut down. This is appropriate – it’s painful, but it is absolutely appropriate.

“This list is comprehensive, this list basically represents a very big step, a massive step, that is essential to keep Victorians and Australians safe.

“These restrictions will come into force from midday Monday and will remain in force until midnight, April 13. They may well, I think it is fair to say, it is highly likely the restrictions will be further extended beyond that.”

Premier Andrews said it is vitally important that everyone follows the rules and restrictions put in place to avoid a disastrous outcome.

“Many Victorians are doing the right thing, they are keeping their distance, they are observing the rules that have been written, but there are many Victorians that have been acting selfishly, they are not taking this seriously, they are doing the wrong thing and if that continues then people will die,” he said.

“I just want to make this point, whether you call it mateship, whether you call it being Australian, being Victorian, whether you call it decent behaviour, civic duty, I don’t care what you call it, just do it.”

Premier Andrews was sympathetic towards businesses who will be negatively affected by the unprecedented rule set, however, he said it is the only appropriate course of action.

“This will hurt many people, I apologise for that, but this is the only way we can keep people safe, by flattening the curve, by suppressing the total number of people who finish up with coronavirus and ultimately reducing the number of people who will die. That’s what’s at stake, that’s how important this is.”

IMAGE: Premier, Daniel Andrews.