Petition to be tabled in 2019

Petition to be tabled in 2019

A petition containing 519 signatures was submitted by Jaime Savory and tabled at East Gippsland Shire Councilʼs ordinary meeting in Bairnsdale last Tuesday, requesting its consideration to initiate a suitable expression of interest (EOI) process for use of its property at 55 Palmers Road, Lakes Entrance ʻBuilding on top of the hillʼ.

The petition, which consists of two different formats, a traditional hard copy petition and the outputs from an electronic petition hosted on, was submitted in time for inclusion in the agenda, however the timing of the submission left insufficient time for council officers to prepare an informed response recommending a proposed course of action.

The report will instead be tabled at the first Ordinary Meeting of Council of 2019 in February.

The petition asks East Gippsland Shire Council to explore the possibility of a commercial expression of interest process for the property known as Palmers Road EGSC Building ‘Building on top of the hill’.

“Ideally it would be leased long term to a tourism icon resort operator that will provide an economic stimulus for the Lakes Entrance Community both financially and economically,” the petition stated.

As submitted, the online petition ( documentation does not comply with the letter of Local Law No. 1 – Procedures for Council Meetings (LL1). However, having visited, council officers have confirmed that the petition is credible and compliant with the spirit of LL1.

On that basis, the officers considered it appropriate that both formats of the petition be accepted.